The majority of our fun patches have iron-on backing and more are converted to iron-on each week.

Follow the directions below to apply iron-on patches. 

1. Check the back of your fun patch.  If the patch number on the back is red, the patch is iron-on. 

2. Check the care instructions for the fabric before application to be sure the fabric can withstand a hot iron. Do not apply iron-on patches to nylon garments or bags. A hot iron may melt the nylon fabric.  Consider using a fabric glue such as ES6000 glue to apply to nylon fabric.

3. Pre-heat your iron to the Cotton/Linen setting.  Do not put water in your iron.  Do not use the steam setting.

4. Select a working area such as an ironing board or heat resistant cutting board.  Place garment or item on the board. 

5. Position the patch on the garment and cover with a cotton cloth or parchment paper.

6. Press and hold the iron for 30 seconds.  Remove the iron. 

7. Check the patch and fabric.  Re-cover the patch and press with the iron for another 30 seconds.  Remove the iron and let cool.  

8. Once patch and fabric has cooled, check the corners. If necessary, apply cloth and iron for an additional 30 seconds.  Cool and test corners. 

9. When washing any item with an iron-on applied patch, wash the item inside out in cool water and dry on medium heat. 


If you have any questions about applying the iron-on patches, please call 1.800.626.4948 ext 370 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST or email