From corporate wear to personalized sportswear, Advantage Emblem and Screen Printing’s Embroidery Department utilizes a variety of methods to apply precise, affordable designs including:  direct embroidery, etching, applique and reverse applique.

Direct Embroidery

Thread is sewn directly into the garment to create the design.  With 43 embroidery heads spanning eight machines, we can accommodate both large production runs and individual personalized names or numbers. Our staff pays close attention to detail in every step of the embroidery process from creating the artwork and digitizing the design to stitching the order.  By providing full-service embroidery, including digitizing, we save you both time and money. 

The Seit Laser Bridge

Acquired in 2013, Advantage Emblem uses this state-of-the-art machine to cut appliques, reverse appliques and to etch garments. See this amazing machine in action.


Images are laser etched by removing small layers of fabric revealing a detailed, 3D design.  Etching doesn’t add weight or thickness to the garment. 

Reverse Applique

An outline is stitched on the garment while the laser cuts the fabric. The cut fabric is removed to reveal a layer of fabric below.  The dimensional design created by reverse applique is nearly impossible to achieve without the use of laser technology.


Fabric is cut out and sewn onto the garment to create the design.  Before the use of laser technology, intricate designs were expensive and difficult to produce.  Advantage Emblem can affordably applique detailed designs onto shirts, blankets and other items.


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