The experienced staff at Advantage Emblem and Screen Printing is ready to guide you effortlessly through the process of creating a stylish custom patch.  Our graphic design team will use your idea and design specifications to develop a computer generated image. Once we’ve received your approval of the artwork, the design will be digitized and prepared for embroidery, keeping in mind important aspects like font size, density, angles and so forth. From there, it goes to the embroidery machine, where your custom patch design is turned into a high-quality, lasting work of art.  Our minimum purchase requirement is 50 pieces.

When you are planning for your patch design, keep in mind that Simple = Beautiful. A simple design is much better than an ornate one.  Remember, thread colors are used to generate the image, not shades or nuances like in a painting.


We can create patches of all types of shapes. Irregular shaped patches require a laser cut border. 

Patch Size

Patch size is determined by adding the length of the patch plus the width of the patch and dividing the sum by 2.

For example, a 3 inch by 5 inch patch has a patch size of 4 inch:  (3+5)/2=4 


As a guide use ¼” or taller letters for a 3 inch patch and 3/8” for a 4 inch or 5 inch patch. For clear and visible lettering and details, use contrasting colors. Avoid light details and lettering on light backgrounds, such as light blue or yellow lettering on a white background. Likewise, avoid dark on dark, such as black or red on a royal blue background.

Block style letters are best. Avoid outlining letters with another color.  The outline may look good in print, but doesn’t always translate well to embroidery due to the thin outline stitching. 

Patch Border (Edge) Options

  • Merrow border is the typical edge choice for regular shape patches such as circles, rectangles or ovals.
  • A laser cut border is required for irregular shape patches. There is no additional charge for patches stitched with a laser cut border.

Button loops can be added per request. Additional charges may apply.

Thread and Twill Color

An embroidered patch is created by stitching threads in different directions, densities, angles and colors onto twill fabric.

Fully embroidered patch: All elements of the design are stitched and twill fabric is not visible in the design.

Partially embroidered patch: The background twill color is not stitched and is visible.

Color Match: We will do our best to choose the twill and thread color that best matches the final artwork. Exact color matches are not always possible.  You may specify the thread and twill color using the charts below.  You can also provide PMS colors if you know the PMS colors you want for the custom patch.  Please be aware that all computer monitors display colors differently.  The colors you see on the monitor may not accurately reflect the actual color of your design.

Number of thread colors:  Standard pricing includes up to 9 thread colors.  Patches with more than 9 thread colors will incur an additional charge.

Specialty Twill:  Felt, fluorescent and metallic twill colors are available for an additional charge.  See the twill chart below for colors and specialty twill options.

Specialty threads: Metallic, florescent, glow in the dark and ultra violet threads are available at an additional charge.  See the thread chart below for colors and specialty thread options. 


Backing Options

Patches come standard with or without plastic backing.  Other backing options available for an additional charge are heat seal, self-adhesive and Velcro®.

Production Time

Once the artwork is approved and you have confirmed the order quantity and payment information, please allow 3 -4 weeks for your custom patch order to ship out from our facility in Duluth, MN. If your order is needed sooner, ask about our special rush orders. Please let us know when requesting a price if your patches are needed for a specific event and date.

Production Sample

A pre-production sample of the stitched patch can be ordered for $65.00 plus shipping.  Please allow two weeks for the sample patch production.  Ordering a pre-production sample will add to the time required for the production of your order.