Found a stock fun patch you like, but want to customize it for your event?

Let us ADAPT-A-PATCH to meet your needs!

  • Minimum Order – 50 pieces
  • Free Artwork
  • Three Week Production Time


Excellent Pricing for 2 inch patch




$1.49 ea


$1.25 ea


$0.95 ea


$0.85 ea


$0.75 ea


Note: To qualify for the 2 inch pricing, your text must fit into the same size of the fun patch you’re adapting. If the patch size is increased to accommodate additional text, we will email you the price with your artwork.

1. Click on Contact Us,  Complete the Name, phone number and email sections.  In Content Box, enter the fun patch number (S-####), the patch name and your desired text. 

2. Review Adapted Artwork: Artwork showing the adapted text and confirming the patch price will be emailed to you by a sales representative for your review.

3. Confirm Order – Confirm the artwork is correct and place your order with your sales representative.