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To download the Fun Patch Attach instructions as a PDF, click HERE

Fun Patch Attach Instructions

For patches with plastic backs or no exposed fabrics, you must use the following directions before you apply the Fun Patch Attach to the back of the patch. With a sharp knife or razor, score the plastic backing to expose the fibers of the patch. Be careful not to cut into the patch.

Step 1

Apply Fun Patch Attach along the edge of the entire patch back.

Step 2

Let glue dry for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Preheat iron on cotton setting (no steam).

Step 4

Position patch on garment.

Step 5

If you cannot iron the reverse (back) side, cover patch with old T-shirt or the pillowcase to avoid scorching. Iron for about 90 to 120 seconds moving the iron around to avoid scorching. Thicker patches may require longer ironing times. If you need to iron longer than 90 seconds verify you are not scorching the patch or garment.

Step 6

If possible, iron on reverse (back) side of garment for 90 seconds for best results.

Helpful Hints
  • Fun Patch Attach can be washed off with water before ironing, even if it's dry.
  • For Plastic Backed Patches with embroidery, apply glue only to the embroidered edge.
  • Do not apply Fun Patch Attach to entire patch back.
  • Fun Patch attach is permanent once it is ironed. It is machine washable and dry-cleanable.
  • Be sure the patch and fabric can take high heat. Not recommended for satins, leather, or other fabrics that may be thin, sheer or delicate.
  • Old T-shirts or pillowcases make good pressing cloths.
  • If ironed properly, Fun Patch Attach will go from white to clear. Re-iron if necessary.
  • Do not iron through padded or insulated fabrics.
  • Not for use on sequined appliqués.

  • Patch Types

    Patch backs come in different forms: plain fabric, plastic coated with an exposed embroidered edge, and a completely coated plastic back with no exposed embroidery.

    Test on scrap fabrics first. See Helpful Hints for fabric information.

    For best results pre-wash fabric or garment to remove sizing.