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Design Tips for Creating a Great Looking Emblem

Is "camera-ready" artwork required?
Absolutely not. Your rough sketch is fine or a written description works as well.

Shapes - Emblem Border
View our most popular shapes -- or draw your own.
Laser Cut Edge - used for irregular shapes.

Merrow Edge - Used for more "Traditional", regular shaped emblems (circle, oval, etc.).


Emblems come standard with plastic backing. Other backing options are available for an additional charge.

Contrast is Good
You want your lettering and details to be as visible as possible, so avoid light details and lettering on light backgrounds, such as light blue or yellow on a white background. Likewise, avoid dark on dark, such as black or red on royal blue background.

Lettering Sizes
Main lettering: The main patch lettering should be large and bold enough to convey your emphasis.
Use as guide: 1/4" or taller letters for a 3" patch, 5/16" or 3/8" for a 4" patch and 3/8" or taller for a 5" patch.
Other lettering:
   - Embroidered lettering looks best if it is 1/4" or taller.
   - Our 3/16" letters are also clear, but not as sharp as 1/4" letters.
   - Our 1/8" lettering is usually legible, but less-than-good quality, and not recommended.
   - Lettering smaller than 1/8" might be representational, but will most likely not be legible.

Lettering Styles
Bold is recommended. Bold lettering allows for clean, sharp, clear stitching.
Block style letters are best, though script and 'serif' fonts are fine (especially if 3/8" or taller).
Lettering usually looks best if it follows the curve of the border.

Hint: For close approximation of the embroidered thickness of lettering, use a thicker 'marker' for main lettering and a thinner 'marker' for smaller letters. If a ball-point pen is needed to fit the lettering, consider abbreviating.  Avoid outlining letters with another color, which looks good in printing, but does not translate well to embroidery, due to the thin outline stitching.

Number of Colors
No extra charge for up to 9 colors. (Add 5¢ for each color OVER 9 colors.)

Also available:


Button Loops:

5¢ per piece. Please specify on your order.



Metallic, florescent, glow in the dark and colors that change in the light. Extra 15% - 25%.



Included with price.


Other Background material:

Reflective, Felt & more. Extra 25% or more.

Minimum Quantity
Custom Patches: You can order as few as 50 custom patches, though your cost for 200 will be significantly less than the cost of 50 since the pricing goes down as the quantity goes up.

Production Time
Custom emblems: Please allow 28 days for new orders and 14 days on reorders. 
Need it sooner? Ask about our special rush programs.

Please let us know when requesting a price if your emblems are needed for a specific event and date.

Questions? Give us a call - 1-800-626-4948.

We look forward to seeing your design!

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